Treatment Facilities

We provide treatment to Drug Addicts using different types of substancesand also to people suffering from alcohol addiction. We always maintain anonymity and the treatment is provided keeping the family in close contact. The center will surely give you a homely and calm environment where you can attend different sessions and activities to pass the time and prepare yourself physically and mentally. Fellow addicts and members will help you to grow a new association who are free from drugs and this can go on for long to help one in the future to stay clean and carry on a normal life. The proces of abstinance fro these substances may carryu on for months dpending on the mental health of the addict. Proper diet, attending several sessions of the awareness program thuis slowly and steadily helps to grow a proper physical and mental status of a suffering addict, and he can easily accept his present sate of mind and situation by interacting with the therapist. When it is so called understood that the person is easily responding to the entire program of awareness and attending sessions and talikng inventory then a date of discharge is arranged by talking to his family and he is asked to attend the aftercare.
We also give special care to psychiatric patients of all ages coming from different classes of the society holding various backgrounds. Our volunteers provide full support for their comfort and wellbeing. Medical attendance along with inhouse care is taken on a daily basis. It can take months for devlopment of mental healh but we keep a close watch on that person with lot of physical support which is given by our attendants and fellow mates within the recovery centre. We keep on striving for betterment and it carries on for long.


Our Patients Say