Rehabilitation is a long program which starts after the detoxification process. The rehabilitation program is of a routine which is set by the head counsellor of the recovery center which is mostly common for all who are admitted in the center. Time is set for meditation, inventory classes and one to one counselling for all inmates. Group discussion and interaction classes about asking specific question are always there in the routine. Fun time is also a part of the program which includes different activities like play acting, singing songs, watching television and even attending the gym for physical exercises helps to develop a healthy mind for all. This regular course of activities strengthen you body as well as gives a proper state of mind.
Cleanliness is next to Godliness: This is also practiced in the recovery center that ultimately helps to increase the habit of physical work. This helps in the long run when an addict or an alcoholic gores back to their real life and start living clean. This gives a very positive vibe in the community of family and friends. The accepting level increases for the addict, here and there and ultimately creates a good feeling for everyone. The rehabilitation program is about both physical and mental being of an addict or alcoholic. Of course there is a spiritual part of it once the physical and mental state improves. So in the rehabilitation program the sessions are set in such a manner that these aspects are fulfilled in order. the mannerism of the entire thig is taken care or controlled by senior inmates and counsellors during the sessions and also throughout the tenure of the person inside the recovery center. It also goes in play during the aftercare period and counselling over the phone and physical attendance, personally and also in group.


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