After Care

Freedom Welfare Society covers all the aspects of the treatment and finally focus on after care which helps the patients to keep in touch with the counsellors and senior volunteers even after they go home. We also advice the parents to call us time and again when they feel about any kind of abnormality. We keep an open mind with the problem of addiction and thus have designed a program about rehabilitation and recovery on the whole. If the addict is attending the aftercare program then it shows his or her eagerness to stay clean. The counsellors can interact in person for better understanding. During emergency or due to lack of time or busy schedule, this aftercare can be done over the phone but it can also be an excuse avoiding to appear and show the real person. The family members have to be very careful and cannot avoid this situation and should always push the addict to attend this program. Because the initial stage of recovery is very critical and there always a chance for one to relapse and go back to zero, at any given day or moment. We give ample importance to the aftercare program because it allows us to understand the addictive person closely who has just stepped into a clean life.
Family plays a very important role to keep an addict away from drugs and alchohol. Weekly family counselling is also required so that handling of an addict by parents become easy and fruitful. This is also a key part in recovery and we are always there to make you aware about the facts of the real life of an addict or alchoholic. This goes for a long period of time and has no specific timeline. So coming to the drug free community becomes too essential for staying out of drug related problems and attitude disorder. But there is always hope for a better life as there are many people who are already leading a drug and alchohol free life. You can be in touch with us even during odd hours. Our call back numbers are open 24/7.


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